Meet Gen, Fitness Trainer Who Believes That Exercise Makes Her Forever Young

If you ever want to meet someone who enjoys fitness training, you have to meet Gen. She is a fitness enthusiast and a certified trainer who shares her passion through coaching and training at a women's only gym in Singapore.

It doesn't matter what the regime is, she's into any kind of training - Weights, Muay Thai, running, cycling - She loves it all!

"I'm training for an upcoming triathlon sprint so I'm more focused on cardio training which is Muay Thai, running and cycling." Go girl!

"And I have the Singapore Spartan coming up on 6 May. I will do back to back Spartan Super and Spartan Sprint, so I have added strength training for that too. I will do more after my triathlon". There's clearly no stopping her.

She's also aiming for the Spartan Thailand event coming up in September.

She Loves The Facial Detox

An avid user of the 24 Saturn Facial Detox, here's what she has to say about it, "Love love love it! I can feel that my skin is smoother than before. I can't go to sleep without it!"

Thanks Gen!

Wrapping up our chat, we asked her why she's such a fitness enthusiast. While many people feel that it's a pain to do regular exercise, she's out there pushing her limits.

"Because it makes me healthy. It has kept me away from seeing the doctor for many years and I look young (haha) and yes, I feel young. Now with 24 Saturn's Facial Detox making my skin look younger, I feel and look younger inside and out."



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