Say Hello To Harsheeni, Educational Therapist And Spirited Yogi

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By Priscilla Tan, a copywriter and content producer based in Singapore.

Saturner (that’s what we call our customers!) Harsheeni embodies the totality of the spiritual life.

When she’s not busy clasping her hands under her lower back, you can find her cooking up plans in meetings and working with her group of dyslexic students in an interactive classroom. With a hefty commitment and eventful work day that could rival a hotelier’s, it makes one wonder: How does she tackle her skincare routine?

Before Harsheeni started using 24 Saturn’s products, her skin was often pestered by blemishes and an oily T-zone. As our chat with the educational therapist ticks by, it’s clear she favours a low maintenance skincare regime.

Harsheeni has a simple rule – The easier it is, the better. Whatever made her decide to give 24 Saturn products a whirl?

“24 Saturn is a responsible brand that works towards making skincare routine crisp and easy!”
At 24 Saturn, we’re all about clean living. Picture yoga and you’ll think of a happy, healthy lifestyle straight off the bat. We’re pretty sure we aren’t the only ones who think clean living and yoga marry each other beautifully!
“I was easing into yoga postures quite intuitively even before I stepped into a studio to practise it. About four years ago, I stepped into the studio and was blown away by the process of learning how to focus and move with the rhythm of my breath. I haven't looked back since. [It’s] more than the asanas (postures or poses). Elements like my breath and one-minded focus bring about clarity and make decision-making much easier.”
What is it about yoga aficionados? They have an upbeat personality and a beautiful soul to boot. And let’s not forget their enviable flexibility. Harsheeni doesn’t just love yoga. She breathes it.
“Yoga simply means union. Yoga is a parallel art form. It requires one to simply devote time to taking care of themselves. This involves moving, having good thoughts, being one with nature, and eating well. There must be harmony.”
Did you know that Harsheeni once embarked on a 200-hour yoga teacher training all the way in India? If that’s not passion, we don’t know what is. If you’re around Singapore Botanic Gardens, come say hello. She holds yoga classes at the area every Sunday at 10 am at her FREE session Flow And Chai.

With an active lifestyle, it can be tricky to ensure the best care for your skin. How’s one to deal with it? Great personal hygiene, a healthy diet, and glow-boosting skincare products come to mind.

We asked Harsheeni about the skincare breakthroughs she noticed after using 24 Saturn’s products. Here’s her response:
“My skin is less oily now and there’s a spark of freshness even on days when I don't get enough sleep. The matte yet dewy look I get from 24 Saturn’s products saves me the trouble of having to use powder before heading out. Now I just leave my house with some lip stain and a huge smile.”
Always a plus in our book, we’ll say!

We love makeup, but the idea of achieving a dewy skin with minimal to zero cosmetics is simply stunning.

Just for fun, we asked how Harsheeni would describe 24 Saturn to a dear friend. She said:
“Refreshing, reviving and ready-to-go!”
A million thank yous for chatting with us, Harsheeni!

“Pay less for better skincare” is our motto at 24 Saturn. Our products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and jam-packed with fresh-faced nutrients at a pocket-friendly price. They don’t just do good for your skin. They do good for the world too.  

Written by Priscilla Tan, a copywriter and content producer based in Singapore. Priscilla spends her days helping startups and entrepreneurs add a human touch to their vision, strengthen their brand identity, and tell their stories to the world. Come say howdy-doo at her blog, Copywriting Kapow!




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