Say Hello To Victoria, A Communications Executive With A Love For Radiance-Enhancing Skincare

By Priscilla Tan, a copywriter and content producer based in Singapore.

There’s something magical about quiet mornings. The chilly breeze, the birds chirping, the comforting silence that wraps you up like a cosy blanket – perhaps that’s why Victoria likes to start her day early.

Victoria has two identities. One, she’s a communication executive. Two, she’s 24 Saturn chief critic. If you’re looking for unfiltered skincare reviews, look no further.

What is it that they say – “Have breakfast like a king and lunch like a prince”?

It rings true in Victoria’s case:

“I head out to hunt for a good hearty breakfast. It helps start my work day proper. Lunch is a crucial time for me as I’ll be starving by then. To ensure a balanced meal for lunch and dinner, I usually opt for meals that have a good proportion of carbohydrates, vegetables and protein.”
Victoria is no couch potato, either. A fan of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and spinning classes, she also has a habit of sweating it out in her own home workouts before “chomping down” her dinner.

Her daily self-care habits involve watching a healthy amount of TV shows and movies, reading graphic novels, and visiting art exhibitions.

Victoria has an active lifestyle, but even health nuts aren’t immune to skincare challenges.
“I’ve always had relatively bad skin. I’d have frequent breakouts that led to terrible scarring on my face. Though I went to see a dermatologist about my breakouts, the scarring was always visible and stubbornly difficult to get rid of.”
Our founder Sarah introduced Victoria to 24 Saturn’s facial detox products to combat her acne-prone skin. Here’s what our chief critic noticed:
“Using it religiously every night, I soon realised that my scars were lightening up and soon, even disappeared.”
Picking her favourite product is a no-brainer. Healthy glowing skin is the best foundation, bar none.
“My favourite product would have to be the facial detox, specifically the Vitamin Boost that is made with concentrated Vitamin C and E. Not only was I able to see a vast improvement on my skin after using it (the scarring disappeared!), it also left me feeling much confident about the way I look and feel.”
It takes a lot more than an effective skincare product to win over Victoria. Here’s her take on finding the “rare” product:
“With 24 Saturn, I know I’m paying for not just quality but concentrated products, which is a rare find! Also, together with Sarah’s passion, 24 Saturn educates me on how to upkeep good skin care.”
As our chat comes to a close, we asks Victoria our favourite question – how would she describe 24 Saturn to a dear friend?

We’re chuffed to bits by her response:
“Highly concentrated products, natural ingredients and educational.”
Mission accomplished.

Cheers for chatting with us, Victoria!

“Pay less for better skincare” is our motto at 24 Saturn. Our products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and jam-packed with fresh-faced nutrients at a pocket-friendly price. They don’t just do good for your skin. They do good for the world too.

Written by Priscilla Tan, a copywriter and content producer based in Singapore. Priscilla spends her days helping startups and entrepreneurs add a human touch to their vision, strengthen their brand identity, and tell their stories to the world. Come say howdy-doo at her blog, Copywriting Kapow!




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