2 Moisturizing Myths

Moisturizers Moisturize Skin

Creams and gels are called "Moisturizers" but they don't actually moisturize skin. They create a pore clogging blanket over your skin to stop water from escaping it. What moisturizes skin is skin's natural moisturizing nutrients that it produces on its own like fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Use 24 Saturn serums to replenish skin's moisturizing nutrients to help it maintain its natural glow and hydration.

Steaming Your Skin Will Moisturize It

It may sound practical to expose your skin to water to moisturize it, however, the heat will damage your skin barrier. Use hyaluronic acid instead, its known to attract moisture to skin. Try our Matte Moisturize Serum with pure hyaluronic acid.


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