2 Reasons To Use Retinol Skincare

Easy And Effective Anti-Aging

Retinol skincare has multiple benefits for the skin with the most prominent benefit being anti-aging. Don't use something too strong unsupervised, as this could cause skin problems.

Use a skincare cream or gel that has moisturizing ingredients alongside the retinol active ingredient.

It's a great ingredient to maintain skin as we age, as the skin's natural ability to renew itself slows down and having a proper anti-aging ingredient like retinol can help slow down the formation of fine lines and prevent pigmentation and dullness.

The Effects Are Immediate And Lasting

This anti-aging super ingredient has the ability to reduce wrinkles and soften fine lines, even out discoloration and brighten skin tone.

The effects are lasting as retinol penetrates the skin to renew cells and boost collagen.

Another visible benefit is its ability to reduce acne and unclog pores.

Our Smooth Eyes gel has retinol to smooth out under eye wrinkles and is coupled with moisturizing argan oil to deeply moisturize the delicate under eye. Amber's Blanc Bright uses retinol to brighten skin tone and reduce pigmentation and dark spots.


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