2 Ways To Protect Skin From The Sun

The sun is a well known cause of premature skin aging. Here are ways to protect your skin from the sun.

You Need Proper Aftercare, Not Just Sunscreen

UV rays from the sun cause free radicals to form in the skin which are pure evil to your skin's health. You need to neutralize these free radicals to restore your skin cells, boost collagen, regain skin elasticity and texture, improve skin hydration, soften wrinkles and brighten skin.

Sunblock is great as a shield but your skin will still need proper aftercare to replenish lost hydration and to neutralize the free radicals which have formed.

Use our gentle and moisturizing Botanical Facial Cleanser with argan oil to deeply moisturize skin to restore its texture and carotenoids to balance skin tone. Our Anti Wrinkle Serum has peptides to restore damaged protein structure and apple stem cell to restore skin cells.

Use a whitening serum to lighten freckles and pigmentation once your tan has faded, our Cordyceps Whitening Serum offers 100% natural whitening benefits from cordyceps harvested in Singapore. Boost skin hydration with Matte Moisturize Serum that immediately hydrates skin naturally without any greasy layer on your skin.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Use a hat to shield your face and don't stay out in strong sunlight for too long, limit your exposure to strong sunlight to short intervals and not stay in it for hours. Stay in the shade to enjoy the gentle sun rays instead.


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