24 Saturn Founder's Love Story With Serums

When did you realize that serums are the love of your life?

Serums came into my life when my chemist friend suggested that I use her lab made serums to treat my skin problems. I had been using moisturizer, face masks, creams, oils all along and nothing worked. Facials only gave temporary results, so were the treatments at the aesthetician's. I realized I didn't know what to do to maintain my skin on my own. I used my friend's serums that she created for doctors and they worked so well, I went off moisturizers, masks and whatever it was I was doing before. At that very moment, I was in love with serums and dedicated a whole lot of my time and energy understanding what are great serums and why they're really better than moisturizers.

Most people see serums as secondary and not a necessity, what do you say to that?

Skincare is very personal. I feel that, if you want to see real results, real changes in your skin for the long term and for good, serums really do the work way better than moisturizers. Most people may find that moisturizers work well enough for them. It didn't for me, and I have a feeling there are many more people out there like me, who want the alternative.

What's your personal discovery to not being able to live without serums since 2015?

The moment I realized that I could get through day after day, no matter the weather, without having this greasy layer of moisturizer on my face, it was then I realized that serums will always be more important to me than moisturizers. It's changed my life, because I'm finally feeding my skin the nutrients it needs naturally. It was a personal discovery of knowing exactly what it took to maintain my skin on my own for the long term. Today, I share it with the world and my aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take care of their skin properly. It's about creating awesome products with a lot of research behind it and made by chemists passionate about skin health.


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