3 Easy Ways To Eat Well

A Simple Pasta Dish

Pasta is versatile and uncomplicated. Pair it with a simple cream sauce with garlic and a protein of your choice, even a simple tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes instead of the bottled sauce coupled with vegetables promises to be fresh and delicious.

Moral of the story - You can't go wrong with pasta. It's just impossible to cook it wrong.

Not a fan of sauce? Do it aglio olio style with garlic and olive oil. Olive oil is actually really good for your health.

Ice Blended Fresh Fruits With Juice, No Sodas

It's not a bad thing to have some sugar in your life, just take the right kind. Sugar from fruits is healthy. Skip the sugary sodas and blend some juice and fresh fruit with ice. It's fantastic, providing you vitamins a soda can never give you.


Asian soups, stews, western soups, protein based, vegetarian - Soups are great. Boiling anything is a healthy way of cooking. Choose between wholesome recipes or light recipes.


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