3 Healthy Alternatives To Add Flavor To Food

Having more flavor in your food doesn't have to come from unhealthy seasonings and sauces high in salt, sugar and preservatives. Here are 3 healthy ways to add flavor to your food.

Fresh Or Dried Herbs

Not a fan of pungent spices? Use herbs instead. There's a wide variety to choose from out there from different corners of the world, it's extremely fascinating and you get to discover different tastes.

A little goes a long way and they are great for any type of food.

Mint is fantastic for red meat and grains. Parsley is so good for seafood and chicken. Rosemary is unbelievable for alcoholic cocktails and pork. Spring onions and cilantro make a great salsa, guacamole and garnish for any type of cuisine from East to West. Basil is great to have around for pasta, pizza and Vietnamese. These are just a few, there are so many more to discover out there.

Method Of Cooking

Baking, steaming and smoking food are ways to keep the flavor of food natural and concentrated. Try these methods instead of the usual saute and frying.

Healthy Oils

There are many types of oils out there but they aren't all flavorful. Most of them are bland and serve as functional cooking oils.

Explore the range of oils that have strong flavor and add these to your food.

Olive oil, sesame oil, truffle oil, chilli oil and herb infused oils are packed with so much flavor that all you need is a small drizzle to flavor your food.



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