3 Healthy And Irresistible Water Infusions

Water infusions are not a fad. The concept is here to stay as we all become more health conscious and look for alternatives to flavoring our water and ditching sugary syrups.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Always a winner, anything juicy works really well like berries and citrus fruits. However, the harder fruits do the trick too but the taste will be more subtle, hard fruits like apples or guava are pleasing and subtle.

Another thing you can try is to add just the fruit peel instead of the flesh. The most popular types are lemon, lime and orange.

Cucumber and celery are pretty common vegetables to use in water infusions.

Fresh Herbs

These leaves are fantastic for jazzing up your water: Fresh herbs like thyme, mint, rosemary, lemon verbena, lemongrass and even basil.


Look for edible flowers to use. Flowers like rose, jasmine, lavender and hibiscus.


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