3 Natural Anti Acne Remedies

Neroli Oil To Control Oily Skin

It may sound counterintuitive to apply oil to already oily skin, but there are certain plant oils out there that help control sebum production. You don't always have to use chemicals or alcohol which are drying for skin and may damage it in the long run.

Neroli oil is from the orange blossom and is known as a natural remedy for sebum control. Control your skin's sebum production and you will reduce the possibility of acne forming.

The benefits of using neroli oil on oily skin to prevent acne is that it's anti-inflammatory, provides natural sebum control, it's anti-bacterial, antiseptic and rejuvenates skin. Use our Anti Acne Cleanser with neroli oil.

Sesame Seed Extract To Dry Acne Without Chemicals

Dry out active acne as quickly and safely as possible. Sesame seeds are so flavorful and they're also great for controlling acne. Sesame seed extract is a natural antibacterial for skin which dries acne quickly. Our Anti Acne Serum contains sesame seed extract to dry out acne quickly and vitamin C for cell renewal, marine collagen and seaweed to improve skin texture.

Licorice Extract To Erase Blemishes Safely

After acne has subsided, blemishes are the next thing to solve. A natural way to lighten blemishes is to use licorice extract which has skin lightening properties. Use it as a spot treatment to fade off your post acne blemishes, our Acne Scar Eraser does the trick with licorice extract and also contains seaweed and marine collagen to improve skin texture.


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