3 Tips On Choosing The Ideal Facial Cleanser

No Nasty Chemicals

No sulphates, no toxic chemicals, no harsh dyes or artificial fragrances. Stay away from cleansers that have these ingredients. They're not great for your skin.

Natural Extracts And Oils

The ideal cleanser contains natural extracts and oils to improve skin health and appearance. These are added benefits to your skin and this means the cleanser is more than just a cleanser that cleans dirt off your skin, it is actually healthy for it. There are natural extracts and oils that can boost collagen, even skin tone, smooth skin and moisturize it.

It's Soap-Free

Soap cleansers may disrupt pH levels of the skin. They're also drying and some may be quite harsh. Maintaining the skin's natural pH level would entail not stripping the skin off its natural oil and barrier. It's easier to have skin with a nice texture when you use a soap-free cleanser.

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