4 Ways A Man Can Practice Self Care

Holistic Detox

Detox your emotions, relationships, health and skin. It's a holistic approach. It isn't going to make much of a difference if you detox one aspect only to have the other aspects affect you all over again. Everything is interconnected and oftentimes, you need to sit back and evaluate.

You'll need to think about detoxing if you find yourself falling sick easily, have poor lifestyle habits and poor diet causing you to feel lethargic.

Use these to detox your body Immune Activator , Liver Support Concentrate , Cough & Throat Tonic.

Use Proper Skincare

As you get older, you will see an urgent need for proper high grade skincare to maintain a healthy and youthful skin texture. It is possible to visibly slow down skin aging without invasive procedures if you use the right type of skincare consistently. It's best to indulge in premium skincare with high purity ingredients and proper formulations. Don't stinge if you are serious about maintaining better skin texture.

Price doesn't equate to efficacy, therefore an expensive product won't always be great. Shop wisely and make informed decisions. Look for a proper dose of skin restoring ingredients.

Our Anti Wrinkle Serum has apple stem cell and peptides that repair protein structure, restore skin cells and boost collagen. Our Botanical Facial Cleanser is an excellent moisturizing daily cleanser with argan oil and carotenoids to moisturize skin and improve skin tone. Pick up the Matte Moisturize Serum that uses pure hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize skin for 24 hours making it smooth, plump and soften wrinkles. This is great because skin feels naturally hydrated without any heavy or greasy layer on your skin. A high dose of vitamin C, vitamin E and resveratrol is what you need to brighten dull skin, use our Matte Glow Serum.

Healthy Drink Choices

Cut down on sugar, use herbs, fruits and vegetables to make healthy water infusions that naturally flavor your water for a tasty way to hydrate yourself all day. Sugar causes lots of health problems as well as premature aging. Get ideas from 3 Healthy And Irresistible Water Infusions.

Sleep Well

If you're having trouble managing occasional stress, insomnia and jet lag that's robbing you of proper sleep, try health tonics before you turn to medication. Sometimes medication may be too strong to solve a minor issue, and a healthy tonic may do the trick. Our apothecary carries premium health tonics to help with sleep issues, use Intelligent Melatonin , Sleep Tonic , Calming Stress Relief Tonic or Adrenal Tonic.


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