4NBR: Safe Skin Whitening

Skin whitening isn't always for vanity

The whole idea of skin whitening is not all for vanity's sake. People often get uneven skin tone, pigmentation and freckles from their jobs, side effects from hormones, medication, sun exposure etc. There are so many reasons why.

Be safe while you're at it

There are a few known ways to even out skin tone, fade pigmentation and freckles. However, some are known to have adverse effects and are not safe to be done without a doctor's supervision or for the long term. The good news is, there is a safe way to do skin whitening at home and without the cost of the doctor's fee and other fancy procedures and gadgets. Lab studies done with the ingredient 4-N-Butylresorcinol, also known as 4NBR, have shown it to be a safe and effective remedy that can be used in skincare products at home. It is generally known to be one of the safest skin whitening ingredients. It's been proven to be commonly well tolerated by skin and showing rapid efficiency.

Lets look at the results

With 4NBR, expect to see results with 4 to 8 weeks of use. With our special method of bringing out the maximum efficacy of active ingredients to energize skin, our 4NBR serum called Geisha spreads smoothly on skin with a moisturizing effect. It absorbs fast and contains the optimal concentration of 0.5% 4NBR. With our clean and special formulation, this active ingredient is undiluted, which means the effects and efficacy are 100% focused and not disrupted by other ingredients that may hinder it. Discover here

24 Saturn is a Singaporean skincare brand that makes clean serums for serum lovers. Our serums use a special method to bring out the maximum efficacy of active ingredients to energize skin. They are smooth, natural, healthy and made with clean formulations. Shop now 24saturn.com



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