5 Minutes With Sarah-Eden Chan

Get inside the mind of Sarah-Eden Chan, Founder & CEO of 24 Saturn.

How did 24 Saturn come about?

Many years ago, I started a fashion brand but failed miserably as a business! However, I gained lots of experience on how difficult it is to grow a company and I was just trying to put myself out there to learn hands on. I worked in multinational companies for years before starting 24 Saturn. While I worked, I dreamt of starting a new business. I used to be engrossed about the story behind each company I worked in and was so fascinated by their growth from nothing and how the founders were able to build an empire. They didn't have any special powers, they were just ordinary people who had a vision and did not stop pursuing it till it made sense to millions of people.

I quit my job and told myself, I'll give myself six months to start a business and see how it went. That six months turned into two years!

I had been using skincare created by a friend of my mother's to solve my skin problems, which off the counter products couldn't. This friend of hers, who is now a friend of mine, is a chemist who runs her own laboratory creating prescriptive skincare for doctors in Singapore. I decided to set up an ecommerce site to sell her skincare, making it available to the public because it's so good! I told myself, if things didn't move in six months, I'll just wrap it up. But this actually opened doors and we had customers. I decided  to evolve the brand by creating our own range of skincare and it had to be something special.

Over the years, we've developed our own identity, culture, values and voice. Now, I'm an advocate of using skincare tech to benefit millions and to see skincare as something purposeful as opposed to a marketing gimmick or vanity. What's close to my heart is finding ways to make having good skin easy so anyone can have good skin.

Has the brand gotten funding to scale?

We are self funded and grow organically by word of mouth. I have tried to raise funds from venture capitalists for years but no interest there. It's frustrating and annoying. They can't understand our vision to disrupt the skincare industry using skincare tech to create more purposeful skincare. It's always a misconception that the industry is saturated and formulations are easy to come by. I believe that the industry does not have enough purposeful products and innovative formulations aren't about fancy patented ingredients, it takes talent to create it.

I see things differently. 24 Saturn questions skincare regimes as we know it. We've proven that with our no-moisturizer skincare regime. We remove moisturizer from the typical skincare regime and replace the need for it with our multipurpose serums.

Is this just another skincare brand that's trying to sound revolutionary to grab attention?

The latter is true but we sure aren't just another skincare brand. We design according to our values which influence our decisions. We also have a brand mission and purpose that is to use skincare tech to create solutions to benefits millions in helping them have good skin easily.

Our values are:

Good Skin Is Easy which entails us finding the easiest way to good skin.

Skincare For Humanity which entails us creating solutions to benefit millions

Innovate And Revolutionize which sees us questioning the status quo and creating better products.

The bottom line is, we want to make a difference to mankind using skincare tech to design purposeful products as opposed to using stuff that sound fancy but don't have real benefits.

Why would someone buy 24 Saturn products?

We're not like the big brands in the sense that we are close to the production and design process. We're also close to our customers. We design for the fun, stylish consumer in mind who is out to achieve career success and wants to look good effortlessly. 

As we're out to make a difference, we will keep evolving to meet our customers' needs. Our classic no-moisturizer skincare regime changes the way you approach the idea of having better skin - It's now so easy some can't believe it.

Do you compete with big brands?

As a startup, we disrupt the industry. We don't compete. We try to plug a gap in the market. We want to start a revamp. The skincare industry is a very old one. There is potential to make it better and I think it's long overdue. The market is controlled by a handful of huge conglomerates that manage a myriad of brands giving you the illusion that you're buying from different people. We're definitely approaching our potential customers differently. We want to shake things up as there is definitely room for improvement and evolution.

What's your personal mantra?

Be the change you want to see.

What drives you?

Anything that lets me make a difference in the world. To feel like I'm being part of the change I want to see. I need to feel like I am constantly learning from people and helping to innovate a way to a better world for myself and the future generation.

What's the vision for 24 Saturn?

If I'm gonna have a vision, it might as well be a dream. My vision for 24 Saturn is to change the way people view skincare, to be the most popular brand in skincare as we want people to feel that we represent the future of this industry.

Anything new in the pipeline?

We're doing whatever we can to improve customer experience. This would mean a retail presence through partnerships and introducing fresh products that matter to millions of people. We never stop, the calling is real! Lots of exciting new things happening by year's end.



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