After Sun Skincare Is Just As Important As Preventive Sun Care

Slapping on sunscreen doesn't protect your skin completely

The fact of the matter is, UV rays from the sun damage skin cells. Putting on preventive sun skincare reduces the skin's exposure to UV rays but will not completely block them. It's been proven that free radicals created by UV rays destroy skin cells and cause skin to age. This results in skin losing its hydration, firmness, flawless appearance and at times get inflamed.

How we create after sun skincare as the solution to repair sun damage on skin

As an after sun skincare brand, we create reliable solutions for after sun care. We use scientific ingredients to create after sun skincare to help skin cells recover from sun damage and to regenerate.

Creating solutions for:

- SOFTER SKIN cell hydration and not just superficial hydration

- FIRMNESS the rebuilding of protein structure which keeps skin firm and reduces wrinkles

- CLEAR SKIN removal of blemishes, sun spots and pigmentation to help skin appear less damaged

- SMOOTH SKIN combating cell damaging free radicals with antioxidants which help cell regeneration to produce smoother skin

24 Saturn is an award winning Singapore skincare brand that creates skincare to erase sun damage. Ingredients and results proven by science, see visible results within a week. Shop now



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