Be Smart About Your Skincare: Don't Fall Prey To Skincare Commercialism

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, CEO of 24 Saturn

On The Ground Insights

After years of insights gathered from talking to people about skincare, I've come to conclude that many people blindly follow what skincare companies preach with the belief that the benefits will manifest if one were to religiously follow the brand's regime that usually involves many steps.

A week goes by, it's still fun, until they realize it's not sustainable to keep up with the practice for the long term - Cleanser, toner, mask, serum, moisturizer, exfoliant, face brush, face roller, a gadget that emits rays. The effects seem to wear off after a month or so and they're off again to search for a new routine to solve a new problem that some how appeared in spite of their commitment to the routine.

As they browse for a new product which they hope will be more satisfactory than the last, they turn to beauty influencers or friends for recommendations. They Google for inspiration and they search at their favorite online or brick and mortar store. Everyone's got a different opinion. There are so many choices and once again, the brands are telling them to follow steps with the promise of better skin in the long term.

On top of that, in Southeast Asia, we deal with horribly humid weather. We still need to keep our skin moisturized because of the sun but the moisturizer blankets the skin causing it to be oily and greasy after an hour, all this with makeup slapped on top.

A couple of months ago, I had a conversation with a young lady in her mid twenties, she knew that I run a skincare company and I'm a nerd about skincare and had asked me for advice on getting a new moisturizer. She paid a lot for her current one but it just wasn't good and she no longer trusted that price equated to quality or better benefits. She told me that she went to a famous multi brand makeup store and it had way too many options to choose from, and she'd gone there and tested them but hesitated to buy anything. I told her that training herself to know about what ingredients to look out for would definitely help, I'd be happy to share but then again, who has the time or who even cares? I'm a skincare nerd but most people aren't. Most people just want a solution. If it's anything I am dedicating my time to, it is helping people to find personalized solutions so they can do their own self treatment.

Skincare goes beyond vanity. It's confidence. Don't you feel more confident with better skin?

How Do You Really Get Better Skin

So how do you really get better skin? It's about listening to your skin. Being smart about your skincare.

Prior to starting 24 Saturn, I was just done with mass skincare. I was so over it. The empty promises, the caffeine in the creams, the salicylic acid, the petroleum jelly and skin whitening chemicals. The only available option to moisturize skin were moisturizers - Greasy, oily and somehow still made my skin dry and flaky. My skin was dull, way too dull for my age because I had spent most of my youth being too outdoorsy.

I spoke to skincare experts, did research and started using my chemist friend's lab made skincare. She created these products for doctors to prescribe to their patients and they worked like a charm for me. NO MOISTURIZER NEEDED and my skin was beautifully moisturized and glowing. How is this even possible? I've been brainwashed by the industry to believe that a minimum three step regime and a weekly mask is what my face needs.

I created my own flexible natural skincare using my chemist friend's lab made skincare and did not follow a set regime. I listened to my skin. Months went by and I realized that I had literally not used other brands for my daily ritual.

Skincare Redefined

We've had great reviews on our unconventional approach to skincare. Empowering people to control their regime, educating people that following a set regime isn't necessary and to listen to their skin - Skin's needs change frequently. Blindly following a set regime for the long term just isn't healthy.

Death To The Big Bottles

Another pet peeve I have with conventional, off the counter skincare are the giant bottles. Giant bottles of product that go to waste.

Why the giant bottles? Anything that comes in a small bottle is strangely more expensive or sold as a travel or gift set.

Giving people a better alternative, I decided to go small. Small bottles of powerful doses of collagen, vitamins, nutrients in molecules so small, they're delivered directly into the skin and with formulations that are moisturizing and pH balancing.

Functional Skincare Is Winning

24 Saturn is my definition of creating functional skincare. Let's compare skin whitening as an example:

Other brands sell a regime like this - Cleanser, toner, mask, essence, serum, moisturizer. All to be used together, ideally.

24 Saturn - Cleanser, serum.

We do more benefits with fewer products - Super functional. It works because of our research and attention to detail when it comes to formulation. Or perhaps we have the best R&D brains in the business, I like to think that!



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