Behind Every Serum & Cleanser Is An Army Of Chemists & A Caring Doctor

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, CEO of 24 Saturn

An Army Of Chemists Led By A General Of A Pharmacist

Many people don't know, because we don't publicize the fact, that our products are made and formulated by a veteran pharmacist in Singapore. She leads her army of expert chemists, working with doctors to create everyday skincare, medicine, intense treatment creams and other aesthetic treatments.

In business for more than a decade, passionately training a new generation of chemists and traveling the world discovering the latest in skincare technology, she's a wealth of knowledge on the latest in skin health.

I met her about a decade ago and found the solution to my crappy skin by using her pharmacy-made products. Using proper formulations, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, nutrients in optimal dosages, no chemicals, less fillers and more nutrients makes all the difference in skincare self treatment. I no longer depended on the use of masks, a moisturizer or a toner. I no longer needed to do a facial to see improvement in my skin.

We chose to work with this veteran pharmacist, because her thirst for skincare innovation never ceases to impress us and her long list of doctor clients who love working with her and her team to create better treatments that aren't available off the counter.

We Should All Be Grateful For Caring Doctors

Not all solutions can be found in products made by the big companies. Doctors have had to formulate their own treatments because big companies are slow to innovate. 24 Saturn has enjoyed the benefits of these caring doctors who feel passionately about healing their patients better and faster. They research and find the best non-toxic solutions and work with our partner chemists to create amazing skincare that you just can't find off the shelf.

We take these formulations available only to doctors, and we bring them to the mass market. As the CEO of 24 Saturn, efficacy and reliability of our products are very important to me. I insist on at least a month of testing before deciding to launch a product. No doubt that these are safe and doctor formulated, we still have our own quality checks to conduct.

Now the public is able to enjoy the benefits of these scientifically formulated creations dreamed up by caring doctors and expertly made into reality by passionate chemists.



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