Easy Essentials, Look Great While You Travel

  • Our minis in travel friendly sizes contain all the nutrients your skin needs. Skip moisturizers!
  • The easiest way to fresh and healthy skin while you travel.

Travelling with our minis guarantee you're camera ready any time. Change in weather has a huge effect on our skin when we travel, so knowing what to expect on our trip helps us prepare ourselves first!

The "Minis" I'm talking about are our Facial Detox box set, mini Liquid Facial Exfoliant and mini Smooth Eyes. This simple regime is minimalist and efficient, giving travellers more space in their bags as you won't have to lug around a comprehensive skincare regime to look good. With such an easy and efficient regime, you'll find yourself having more time to explore and chill with such great looking skin in a flash every morning and evening. Smooth, moisturise, tighten and mattify your skin easily. Keep your skin happy and you will always be camera ready!

The Beach Vacay

Exfoliate twice a week with our soothing and painless exfoliant the mini Liquid Facial Exfoliant that's smooth and moisturizing. Slough off that dead skin! Then apply our Facial Detox.

Excess heat and humidity increase sweat production which may lead to more oil production that clogs pores. I was in Bintan for a weekend getaway and not only was it a constant humid and hot 32 degrees Celsius, there were short intermittent periods of showers too.

The City Exploration Vacay
Slough off the day's grime from the city with the mini Liquid Facial Exfoliant, nourish with our mini serums and perk up those eyes with the mini Smooth Eyes. Hours of walking, hopping on and off subways, navigating through human traffic, exposure to the sun and pollution. After a day's sightseeing in London, my face required double cleansing!

(St Paul's Cathedral, London)

The Winter Adventure
Ditch moisturizers and use our mini serums to boost skin hydration, hydrate your undereyes in a flash with our mini Smooth Eyes.

Winter is dry and can unleash havoc on delicate skin because these dry conditions strip skin of its natural moisture. On a trip to the Swiss Alps last year, I suffered dry lips but was thankful the rest of my face was well protected with the minis I had brought along.

Happy travels!


Written by Juliana Sim, 24 Saturn Life Stylist

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