How To Appreciate Rare And Precious Luxury Serums

At 24 Saturn, we're specialists in using rare and precious ingredients and making them into high purity luxury serums. Our serums are designed by renowned doctors and serve to give the user a unique skincare experience. Here's how to appreciate our rare and precious luxury serums.

Small But Powerful Doses

The kind of rare and precious ingredients we use are not usually available as mass produced skincare. It isn't easy to get your hands on such ingredients and we make it possible because we believe that good skincare should be accessible to all.

How to savor each small but powerful dose? It's in the application technique.

Squirt some serum onto your palm, use your index and middle fingers together to dot the serum onto each cheek, your forehead, your nose and chin. Use three fingers together on each hand to gently spread and smear the serum all over your face. This ensures minimal wastage and maximum absorbency. Don't smear the serum by rubbing your palms together and spreading it across your face, too much product will be wasted on your palms.

Be Generous With Your Skin

Use an amount that spreads evenly all over your skin as you gently smear the serum on your face.

If you find yourself using pressure in order to spread the serum, it's a sign that you need to use more. Don't be afraid to be generous with your skin, you're using a decadent and luxurious product, enjoy it to its fullest.

Such serums are meant to change your skincare experience. These aren't mass produced, cheap ingredients. They are carefully sourced, curated high grade ingredients from rare sources.


24 Saturn specializes in using rare and precious ingredients made into high purity luxury serums, produced in small batches, designed by renowned doctors. Our products are made in Singapore. We also sell a range of tonics made from rare herbs in our apothecary that help discerning customers cope with fast paced modern living by managing insomnia, jet lag, stress and immunity. Shop now



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