How To Create A Fruity Alcoholic Cocktail

From sour to sweet, fruity cocktails are a tasty and visually stunning way to get a buzz.

Plants & Fruits Make A Great Marriage In Cocktail World

Stick some fresh mint, a fresh sprig of rosemary or some thyme into your cocktail. Basil also does the trick and even coriander. Try some chilli if you're feeling adventurous.

Pound or blitz fresh fruit. Depending on the consistency you prefer.

Blitzing and straining it after is great for clear, pulp-free taste. It looks cleaner too. Pound the fruit if you're looking for something raw and murky, it's got character and the seeds from berries add a nice touch to the drink texture and flavor.

Cordial Enhances The Flavor

Adding a dash of cordial enhances the flavor of fresh fruits.

Adding cordial alone tastes sugary, mixing in some fresh fruit adds a freshness and natural taste.

Not adding cordial doesn't give the cocktail that extra richness of flavor, which the fruit alone usually can't give.


Soda water, red or white wine, sparkling water, lime juice, tonic, grapefruit juice, orange juice, watermelon juice, cranberry juice, apple juice are great alternatives to sugary sodas.


Anything goes really. Whiskey gives a smokey undertone, gin is light and fruity or floral depending on the base ingredients. Try sake or vodka for a mild bitter finish. White and dark rum are very different and are great with fruit cocktails. Cointreau, Grand Marnier and brandy are sweet with lots of depth.

There's a whole world of liquor out there to be discovered. They usually go great with fruit.



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