How To Create A Mood Boosting Playlist

You don't have to love music to appreciate the fact that it appeals to our emotions. Think about how music plays a big part in any movie or show. Even the small moments with a tune that suggests something romantic is about to go down or something very bad is about to spring up on screen.

Music Defines The Ambience

Imagine sitting in a cafe with no music. Think about a sports bar and compare it with a chic lounge. It's all in the music. It attracts a certain crowd, it defines the mood and sets the scene.

It's natural to experience different moods throughout the day. Listening to the right music can really help calm your nerves, deal with a challenge, get through a mundane task or make you feel madly in love with someone.

A great way to get through these moods is to create different playlists with a mix of genres. It's great to experiment and discover new sounds that may invoke a new emotion.

How To Create A Great Playlist

Think about what kind of sounds will enhance the mood you want to be in. Create different playlists for these different feelings. Experiment and explore.

Try these:

Classical opera while walking the treadmill.

Acid jazz or deep house lounge while at work and you need to keep awake.

Cafe jazz and indie pop when you're feeling stressed at work.

EDM, electro or house music when you need to feel invigorated or find your strength to tackle a tough challenge.

Rock music is great while driving.

Mainstream pop and R&B works well in the bathroom - Something to sing along to in the shower.


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