How To Fade Blemishes And Scars

Use High Grade Natural Whitening Serums

Whitening serums are useful in lightening blemishes and scars. They fade off over time if you use a high purity and high grade serum consistently on those troubled areas.

There are many whitening serums out there, it's best to choose one that is chemical free. It is possible to lighten blemishes and scars with natural ingredients if they come in high purity made into serums.

We believe in skin whitening and scar and blemish fading with natural ingredients. Nothing toxic and definitely no chemicals that can ruin your skin or are harmful to your health. Our Acne Scar Eraser uses licorice extract to lighten acne blemishes. Our Cordyceps Whitening Serum is great for lightening blemishes and freckles. Here's the secret that most doctors know about, it's pure vitamin E oil. Use Amber's Pure Vitamin E Oil.

Gentle Acid Exfoliation

Removing dead skin helps to speed up the process of fading blemishes and scars. Use a gentle acid to do this, it's more effective than scrubs, less abrasive and painless. Glycolic acid is a common ingredient for gentle acid exfoliation, use our Scrub-Free Exfoliant with glycolic acid that will dissolve dead skin and lighten blemishes over time.


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