How To Moisturize Without Moisturizer

Use Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body to plump skin and keep it hydrated by attracting moisture. With age, our body produces less of it. Dermatologists recommend using a hyaluronic acid serum to keep skin hydrated throughout the day and to regain its plump texture.

Use 24 Saturn Matte Moisturize Serum with pure hyaluronic acid. It keeps skin plump and hydrated all day. And the best part is, it doesn't leave a greasy layer on your skin. It's so comfortable as it absorbs straight into the skin. It's a great way to moisturize oily skin as it mattifies and hydrates effectively.

Why It Works So Well To Hydrate Skin

The reason why our Matte Moisturize Serum works so well in hydrating skin is because of its high concentration of hyaluronic acid in each pump. With pure hyaluronic acid, undiluted with other types of ingredients, it works quickly to penetrate skin.

What Moisturizers Actually Do

Moisturizers don't actually moisturize skin, they form a layer over your skin to prevent water from escaping (Transepidermal water loss). That's why they feel greasy and never absorbed. They can be a nightmare for people with oily skin.


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