How To Revive Parched Skin

Sprouting pimples, flaking, itching and getting rough, it might be time to revive your parched skin and restore it back to its moist and smooth texture.

Take A Day Off To Focus On Skin Hydration

You'll need to cancel any outside plans for a day, stay in and hydrate your skin intensely. The aim is to soften your skin and nurse it back to health.

Cleanse your face with a gentle and moisturizing botanical based cleanser like Botanical Facial Cleanser.

Slather on a generous amount of collagen boosting serum, you'll experience your skin absorbing this very quickly and you will need to use a lot more than your usual amount.

Keep adding the serum to your face, and pay particular attention to pimples and flaky, itchy, rough spots. Keep spreading until your skin won't absorb anymore and your skin feels cold or cooler. Start with our Cordyceps Whitening Serum packed with marine collagen that penetrates skin easily to restore lost collagen, seaweed extract to improve skin texture and Cordyceps extract to even skin tone.

After a couple of hours, gently rinse your face with water, not using any soap. Pat it dry and apply a serum that restores skin texture and damaged cells.

Apply a generous amount of Anti Wrinkle Serum using the same technique as above. Keep applying until your skin won't absorb anymore and it feels cold or cooler. Focus on pimples, itchy, flaky and rough skin. This serum contains apple stem cell which restores damaged skin cells and is also packed with marine collagen and seaweed extract. Apply Acne Scar Eraser on pimples, it has Licorice extract to lighten blemishes.

After a couple of hours, rinse your face with water, no soap needed. Pat it dry and apply a serum that replaces hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid skin supplements are usually temporary and last a day. They are however really good at smoothing out skin and offering grease-free hydration for a day.

Apply a thin layer of Matte Moisturize Serum which has pure hyaluronic acid.

Back To Your Routine

Now that your skin is revived, you can switch back to your usual daily routine. Keep it light and simple. Switch things around by listening to your skin and not blindly follow a set regime, this is the 24 Saturn philosophy.



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