How We Designed The EVOLUTION Regime


Our Founder discovered that by just using 24 Saturn serums and a cleanser, her skin was better than ever. Essentially, she was able to simplify a typical skincare regime to just two steps, eliminating the need for toner and moisturizer. 

This discovery lies in our regime of putting an emphasis on serums and making moisturizers optional. Serums are the most effective way to deliver nutrients into the skin to really maintain it. This is something moisturizers can never do.

Concept And Market Need

Skincare has always been a complicated process and viewed as something only experts can understand. There's always some expectation that a magical regime or even a complicated one is needed to make skin look great. We feel that customers can benefit from a simplified regime with simplified products. Good skin should be easy.

A new concept was created, we named it the EVOLUTION regime. It's a simple two step regime that only requires a cleanser and serum. It showcases our original discovery, with high efficiency natural skincare made for fast and lasting results.


We had tested our interchangeable cleansers and serums in different combinations over several months. We looked out for consistency and speed in results, efficacy and flexibility.


A new look was designed, all products went into production and it was important that we listed clearly what sort of benefits a user can expect from using each product and from adopting our simplified skincare regime.

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24 Saturn is a skincare brand that simplifies skincare. Our EVOLUTION regime is a 2 step skincare regime, simplifying complicated regimes and we specialize in high efficiency natural skincare made by a top skincare chemist in Singapore. Enjoy free delivery worldwide. Shop now



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