Lab To Mass Market: How Skincare Is Made Fresher & More Reliable

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, CEO of 24 Saturn

Designed By Doctors, Made By Chemists

It's become apparent to me that there's a market for people who want to buy designer skincare created by doctors. We've always based our skincare on this business model but never really shouted about it as our strength.

We're now in support of the "Lab To Mass Market" approach. Just like how you have "Farm To Table" food, we have the same concept for skincare. Our partner laboratory with their chemists search the world for the latest in skin health, renowned doctors design the skincare based on new discoveries and work with chemists who create these into skincare. In turn, we collaborate with them to bring these products directly from the laboratory to the mass market. Designed by doctors, made by chemists.

I do this because I've personally been using this special skincare for years and based 24 Saturn on it. The results and quality are just incomparable and the ingredients are always so pure and in high dosages for efficacy.

The texture of the products are purposefully designed for an enhanced experience - Serums absorb quickly into the skin and cleansers lather lightly to spread nicely on the skin.

Every product is made with such well thought out purpose and intention, and it was such a shame that only patients could have access to it only if the doctor prescribed it to them. I wanted to share these products with the world because everyone deserves great skincare.

We support skincare research in Singapore and you can be sure that behind every product in our range is a team of passionate chemists and doctors.

The Benefits

A lab to mass market approach results in fresher skincare products and you get to experience the latest discoveries on skin health faster. Once doctors design a product, chemists make it a reality and create its incredible texture and make it in the best form to suit its purpose to deliver the best results.

Another benefit is that you get to buy what doctors would never share with the mass market. We make these products accessible to all.



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