My Big Frustration Led To a Business

I'm a typical millennial, a go-getter, active on social media and a hustler. I graduated with a Law degree with honors from the UK and worked with lawyers, sales and marketing teams in big multinational companies, managing business contracts. This is probably why I am so opinionated about everything.

I've always wanted better skin so I can look dewy with a natural and smooth glow without any effort at all. The products that work really well for me to give me the glow I've been after are serums from my chemist friend. Her labs make these awesome serums for dermatologists in Singapore and Malaysia who prescribe them to their patients. She taught me about efficacy, combination and percentages of active ingredients. What to look out for, why they work for skin etc. I also had passionate discussions with a fellow skincare entrepreneur who introduced me to skin nutrition and why she believes in it to slow down skin aging.

I looked at all my favorite natural skincare brands and realized that they have not innovated in probably a decade and their products never seemed to work for me because they were mostly products with fillers. I was essentially paying alot for a pretty jar with useless fillers. I also learned that cleansing alone doesn't keep skin healthy and it alone will not give me the dewy glow I am after. Cleansing just preps the skin to absorb nutrients better. I need to feed my skin to replenish lost nutrients and for this, I need proper skin nutrition, not plain creams and gels.

I love body scrubs and it was difficult to find one in Singapore that wasn't full of cream or gel. I thought, how about some proper scrubs with dense granules and plant oils for once?

I figured, I've waited long enough for the big brands to come up with more nutritious skincare at mid range prices. I felt like they were charging me more for advertising rather than innovating.

The 24 Saturn range is nutrient-rich, non-comedogenic skincare for better skin health. Our Facial Detox is a reliable way to replenish lost nutrients day and night. Our soaps are infused with nutritious plant oils and scented with natural essential oil.

UV rays and environmental factors cause our skin to produce free radicals which damage cells, collagen and hyaluronic acid on a daily basis. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and hyaluronic acid to repair itself and hydrate. If we boost our skin with antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E, they neutralize free radicals which minimizes cell damage and boosts collagen production. Your skin becomes clearer. If you apply hyaluronic acid to your skin to replenish what's depleted, your skin will be hydrated from within and will stay hydrated without any greasy shine whether in dry or humid weather.

You have to remember though, you need about 10% concentration of vitamin C in any vitamin C skincare product for the vitamin C to give results. Safe to say, this is what our serum's concentration is.

So this is 24 Saturn, looking after your skin's health through better skin nutrition. Replenish, nourish and hydrate.



Sarah, Editor - 24 Saturn blog

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