Only A Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Will Show You What This Nutrient Can Truly Do

Make your skin retain water like a cactus

Transepidermal water loss is used to describe the process of skin losing water to the environment. The most common way to stop this is to apply petroleum jelly or a gel or cream moisturizer on skin to create a blanket to stop the water loss. However, this does not actually hydrate skin. Hyaluronic acid has become a very popular active ingredient in skincare because it attracts water to skin cells causing skin to retain moisture within. It's a great hydrating active ingredient for skin.

Only a pure hyaluronic acid serum will show you its full power

We created the best way to moisturize skin without oil or stickiness, with our liquid moisturizer that contains pure hyaluronic acid. Its clean formulation ensures that you experience the full hydrating power of hyaluronic acid as we left out any unnecessary ingredients that would hinder and dilute its efficacy. We specialize in creating serums that bring out the maximum efficacy of the active ingredient in each serum. Discover the Miss Aloha serum that provides the best oil-free moisturizing experience here

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