Recommended Regime And Getting To Know The Products

Follow this regime once a week for a proper weekly maintenance of your skin

After cleansing your face, spray the Vitamin C Quartz Mist liberally. This mist contains 3 citrus oils that will brighten your skin and provide antioxidants. Free radicals form in the skin and cause aging and dullness, antioxidants are the best way to eliminate free radicals, reversing the aging process and boosting collagen and skin structure, brightens and firms skin.

Immediately after misting, apply a thick layer of the Off Duty Clay Mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes. This is a 100% natural product packed with a myriad of plant oils with fatty acids that will replenish the lost fatty acids in your skin. Fatty acids are responsible for the bouncy texture of your skin and will also moisturize it for several days. The mask contains natural clay to shrink pores.

After washing off the clay mask thoroughly, pat your face dry and apply the Miss Aloha hyaluronic acid serum. This serum is made with pure hyaluronic acid which is quite impossible to find in a skincare product in the open market. We made it pure to give instant results that will last longer.

Layer on the Geisha 4-N-Butylresorcinol serum which is made from the pure ingredient, once again for the purpose of giving fast results. This ingredient has been proven by lab trials to be safe for skin and give superior skin whitening and anti-pigmentation benefits. 


Other products to use to enhance your skin's health


The Goddess serum is an award winning eye serum made with pure peptides and no other fillers to dilute it. It erases eye wrinkles effectively and quickly by strengthening your skin's protein structure. Use this every day or as and when you need to erase those stubborn eye wrinkles.

We created a serum to soothe eczema the natural way. No steroids, just pure Allantoin which is natural for skin. It's almost impossible to find skincare with this level of pure Allantoin in the open market. We made the Hero serum pure to give instant results in skin healing and stopping inflammation. It's great for sensitive skin too.

If you're looking for a daily antioxidant serum, use the Princesa serum which contains pure vitamin E that moisturizes and repairs your skin better than a moisturizer. Vitamin E penetrates your skin to regain its glow, smoothness and moisture. Moisturizers are a blanket on the skin to stop transepidermal water loss but the Princesa serum will carry the active ingredient deep into your skin to work its magic from within.


LAB MADE, NOT FACTORY MADE. 24 Saturn is an award winning science-based conscious clean skincare brand from Singapore. We make skincare more reliable and to enhance your skin's health using our special formulation process. Shop now



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