Sleep Deprivation, Drink Water, Bust Cellulite: Beauty Myths Debunked

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Written by Juliana Sim, 24 Saturn Life Stylist


I have a confession. I'll admit. I am green with envy over those bright eyed selfies I see posted on social media. My selfies seem to require a touch of editing to reduce my dark under eyes. This has spurred me in the past, to "invest" in facial packages promising to rescue me from these pesky grey circles. 


However, after spending enough cash for a short holiday, I realised there was nothing I could do to fight my genetic "inheritance"! What I did though was to firm up the under eye area so at least if there are gonna be bags, they'll look designer.


So what are some beauty myths

I have found myself almost believing in

and that can be debunked? 

Myth #1: Sleep deprivation causes dark under eyes


Sleep deprivation can lead to many other things like memory lapses and weight gain but according to this professor of dermatology, he says one can only thank one's genes for the shadows under our eyes. 


"Dark under eye circles are the result of a concentration of veins beneath the very thin skin in that area," says David J. Leffell, MD, professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine. "They're determined by genetics and won't change with more or less sleep." 


The reason is that if you have a habit of frequent late nights this may cause fluid retention under your eyes and that puffiness can draw attention to any existing darkness in that area. So my solution is to work on firming up my under eye area. I find that 24 Saturn's Smooth Eyes do a great job in smoothing and hydrating my eyes for a younger look. This gel is packed with peptides to boost collagen and though you may not see an immediate miracle, consistent use over 1 to 3 months will yield satisfactory results.





Myth #2: To hydrate skin, just drink plenty of water 


The truth is that the supple look of skin depends largely on collagen, fatty acids and hyaluronic acid. These are naturally produced by the body and in abundance at a young age. Sad to say, the production decreases with age so it's good to apply a serum to boost these nutrients to keep skin supple and hydrate, not by how many glasses of water you drink.


No doubt that drinking water helps vital organs operate properly, and too little water in your body can give you a wan and tired appearance. But your skin can still look dry even if you drink eight glasses a day.


I've read that "Skin isn't like a plant that wilts and then perks up with a drink of water" so invest in our Facial Detox that boosts skin's natural ability to hydrate itself by replenishing hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting nutrients. With this, you can toss out your greasy moisturizer. Our solution to younger skin is our moisturizer-free regime - Facial Detox.





Myth #3: You can get rid of cellulite


Oh boy, if only that were true! Sadly, cellulite is a complicated problem. "This remains one of the holy grails of cosmetic dermatology," says Timothy Flynn, a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.


The truth is that nothing can be done to permanently rid us of cellulite and not even liposuction is a permanent solution! Why not? Cellulite consists of fat deposits that get trapped between the fibrous bands that connect the skin's tissues. These bands squeeze the fat under the skin, resulting in what we can see as a lumpy texture. Now comes the sad truth. Our genes again plays a huge part of who will and won't get cellulite. It doesn't matter whether you're fat or thin. 


So is that the end of us cellulite sufferers, I ask? 


Well, we can, however, temporarily reduce its orange peel-like appearance. Often, firming creams contain caffeine to tighten and smooth the skin and my friends have also added that they like using a self-tanner to camouflage it. 


Myth #4: Shaving causes hair to grow out thicker and coarser.


"Hair that hasn't been cut grows to a point," says Heather Woolery-Lloyd, a Miami based dermatologist. "It's widest at the base and narrowest at the tip." When you shave a hair, you cut it at the base. The widest part then grows out, and the hair appears thicker. But shaving doesn't change the width, density, or color of hair. So an epilator or a good wax may do the job!

There are indeed many beauty truths like sunscreen being one of the most important products you can use, and picking your face is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. While there are also many beauty basics that are fail-proof and proven true time and again, there are some major beauty myths floating around out there that just don’t hold up. 

So the next time you hear any of these myths, you can be sure to throw caution to the wind and never mistake them as a rule again.


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