The Art Of A Great Sleep

Calm Your Mind

Forget all expectations, responsibilities and whatever is bothering you. You can't control everything and you have tried your best to do what you have to do. Now it's time to let your mind rest.


It's best not to light any candles before you go to bed, it's dangerous. Use a diffuser to release calming aromas through the bedroom or use an aromatherapy spray to mist the air. The aromatherapy from essential oils can really help induce sleep.

Take A Relaxing Shower Or Bath

Relax your senses, freshen your mind. A good bath or shower always helps to calm nerves.

Take A Sleep Tonic

Take a sleep tonic instead of medication, like those available in our apothecary. Just a few drops of Intelligent Melatonin or Sleep Tonic will help you have a great night's sleep to overcome jet lag and insomnia.


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