The Cordyceps Story: A Tale Of An Ambitious Scientist

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, CEO of 24 Saturn

Meeting The VC & Getting A Sample

I can't remember exactly when it all happened. Whether it was in 2015 or 2016, when I was introduced to a venture capitalist specializing in bio tech and med tech investments.

He told me about a scientist who approached him with his invention - Lab grown, harvested and processed cordyceps in Singapore. I was handed a couple of bottles of sample serums to try as well as a few copies of a questionnaire to fill out, tracking skin whitening progress.

We distributed the serums and questionnaire to the ladies in the office. The result was positive responses all through out in just a week and we continued to follow the progress for a month. Everyone reported lightening of skin tone, lightening of freckles and old blemishes as well as improvement in skin texture.

What's special about the strain of cordyceps and extraction done by the scientist, is that it's purity qualifies it as pharmaceutical grade product. This is why results were seen quickly and the skin and blemish lightening effects were very noticeable.

An ambitious scientist, a chance meeting and an amazing discovery. The formula of a skincare fairytale which I call The Cordyceps Story.

What Do We Do Now?

The results and story stuck with me. I had to share this with the world.

I was aware that the market had lots of toxic skin whitening products and the luxury ones are out of reach for most of us. There had to be a way for us to make it available and affordable without compromising on quality.

It was not until late 2017 that we developed the Cordyceps Whitening Serum. Like all our products, it had to be moisturizing because our regime is about having no moisturizers. We finally launched it a month ago.

Never Underestimate An Ugly Fungus

This fungus is no stranger to the Chinese culture. It dates back to ancient times. However, it's mostly sold as a dietary health supplement. Hardly ever as a skincare product.

Cordyceps and all its glory, it's a really ugly looking fungus. But it carries with it collagen boosting benefits, antioxidant properties, skin whitening and sun protection. Naturally, this corrects skin, improves its texture and health as well as makes it visibly moisturized and plump.



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