The Surest Way To Boost Skin Collagen Is Not By Eating Collagen

Trigger skin to create its own collagen

Not all collagen is effectively absorbed by the body when you eat it. Instead of figuring out how to eat your way to better skin collagen, it's actually easier to boost skin to produce more collagen. Skin naturally produces collagen but it slows down its production when there are too many free radicals in the skin. Free radicals form when you're stressed, exposed to UV rays, exposed to pollution, smoking etc. The surest way to boost skin collagen is to apply a concentrated antioxidant like vitamin E to neutralize free radicals, enabling the skin to boost its collagen production again.

Not all vitamin E skincare are made equal

There are countless skincare products with vitamin E sold all around the world. If you truly want results, you need to use a strong, concentrated dose of vitamin E, as having a weak concentration will have little effect on boosting skin's collagen production. We specialize in bringing out the maximum efficacy of the active ingredients in our serums, that's why our vitamin E serum comes with a concentrated dose of 10% vitamin E that spreads smoothly and absorbs well into skin, going beyond the surface and into skin cells. We made a serum that feels light and non-sticky as most vitamin E skincare products feel sticky and thick. With our clean formulation, our serum contains pure vitamin E without any other unnecessary ingredient that will dilute its efficacy, this way, you will get the full and focused effect of the vitamin. Discover the Princesa serum here

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