What Happens To Skin Exposed to UV Rays?

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, CEO of 24 Saturn

What You Don't Want To Hear

Collagen is the building block of skin and it's a part of the skin that helps to correct it and restore its health. That's why it's really important to pay attention to collagen.

I know it can get really complicated when you're trying to simplify your understanding of what makes skin healthy and what slows down aging. Collagen, just remember collagen.

UV rays speed up skin aging because they cause free radicals to form in the skin cells when your skin is exposed to it.

Free radicals are horrible to your body and your skin. They damage cells, cause collagen to break down faster and cause all sorts of damage that become harder to correct over time.

As we age, our skin loses its ability to produce optimal amounts of collagen to keep skin young and plump. With UV rays damaging what's been produced, it doesn't help at all. What needs to be done is to introduce collagen to the skin or load up on antioxidants to neutralize free radicals to keep skin cells healthy. This will help skin appear visibly healthier and moisturized. It will also aid in slowing down skin aging.

The Solution

At 24 Saturn, we follow doctors' recommendations that the best way to boost collagen production is either to apply a good collagen boosting serum like serums that contain high quality collagen in small molecules delivered directly into skin or serums containing high doses of antioxidants in high purity to fight free radicals and restore skin health to boost collagen production.

To prep skin to receive these serums well, remember to cleanse with a healthy cleanser without any harsh chemicals and with lots of plant nutrients. Something that's pH balancing works best, these are usually sulphate and soap free.

Our serums contain marine collagen in small molecules delivered into skin and pharmaceutical grade antioxidants in high doses and high purity to neutralize free radicals effectively. We design serums to boost skin collagen to get back the plump and tight texture and a youthful glow. Our pH balancing cleansers are soap free and sulphate free with plant nutrients that nourish skin. They also tone skin to prep it to absorb nutrients from our serums better.



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