What Sarah Is Using: September

I'm Sarah-Eden, the Founder of 24 Saturn. Our brand philosophy is to keep a flexible skincare regime and not to stick to a set routine, in other words, to listen to your skin. Learn more about our philosophy. I switch products around according to my skin needs, and I love that our products are flexible enough to do that. They also come in small portions but in high potency to solve skin issues quickly so that you can move on after the problem is solved. Minimal wastage and high efficiency is what we're going for.

Dry Skin Solutions

The September weather in Singapore has caused my skin to be pretty dry. I usually have issues with oily skin but not this month.

Botanical Facial Cleanser helps to gently cleanse and deeply moisturize my skin with argan oil, it really helps improve my skin texture.

Scrub-Free Exfoliant instantly smooths my skin and tightens my pores with glycolic acid. This really helps to smooth any roughness.

Matte Moisturize Serum has been my absolute must have during the day. The hydration I get from this product is just amazing. Hyaluronic acid hydrates my skin without any grease. It's so light and my skin feels 100% natural, it doesn't feel like I've slapped on a greasy layer.

Cordyceps Whitening Serum is my go-to night serum these days. I tend to spend time at the pool and I like to keep my skin tone even and lighten freckles. I'm really impressed with this product made from Cordyceps harvested in Singapore. The natural whitening benefits from the Cordyceps is just wow. It also contains seaweed and marine collagen which nourishes skin and boosts collagen. It makes my skin feel plump and less dry.

Clearing Acne

I had a couple of pimples sprouting this month, Anti Acne Serum really helped dry them out within a day or two. It's definitely a handy serum to have and it's small enough to fit in your clutch so you can take it with you throughout the day.


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