What's A Great Serum? Serums 101

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, CEO of 24 Saturn

How To Judge A Serum

Every serum being sold out there has a very promising marketing pitch. They promise you amazing skin and nutritious formulations. How do you judge a serum? Everyone wants the best product that's going to work as promised and also something that's worth the money. Let me share with you my expectations of a great serum and what you should look out for.

- It isn't cheap. If it's too cheap, don't bother. But the higher priced stuff doesn't mean it's great either, however, the first sign of a bad serum is the low price.

- It's not sticky, it absorbs into the skin within seconds and leaves no oily residue.

- It spreads really well, a little goes a long way.

- It's got a fluid texture. Could be like a liquid or a light jelly.

- It smells good or is fragrance free. A bad smelling serum is a total turn off.

- It's moisturizing. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, marine collagen.

- It's made by a brand that has a proper online store. Not necessarily a physical store, but it's online presence is really strong. This is because people will want to buy it at their convenience repeatedly if it's really good. If there's no proper online store, it's probably not a good sign.

Why Everyone Should Be Serum-Crazy

Great serums are the latest in skincare innovation. Only the really great ones. They deliver nutrients more effectively into the skin compared to moisturizers which only cover the skin.

We've collaborated with renowned doctors and chemists to create our Next Generation Serums. I've called them this because they are the true reflection of skincare innovation - They replace moisturizers, immediate improvement of skin, made with the latest skincare technology, pharmaceutical grade purity, high dose of active ingredients and they smell great.

We're only about the latest in skincare innovation and bringing really great products to the world.

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