Why Glycolic Acid Kicks Ass & Abrasive Scrubs Hurt

The New Age Of Exfoliation

Glycolic acid is all the rage and for good reason. It is non-abrasive which means it doesn't damage or scratch the skin. You don't feel any pain when using it to exfoliate and it's very effective in dissolving dead skin.

Traditional facial exfoliation methods include using microbeads which are so bad for the environment, they're banned in several countries. The use of crushed seeds or shells or using a sponge. These methods usually hurt and cause skin to turn red. Some may see this as a therapeutic sign of deep cleansing but really, there's a new way to spare yourself the pain or the risk of damaging skin.

When people think of exfoliation, they associate it with pain. But with the new age of exfoliation, glycolic acid is the most painless and effective way to remove dead skin.

Our Scrub-Free Exfoliant gives you instantly smooth skin in seconds. It contains an optimal dose of glycolic acid to slough off dead skin quickly to reveal new smooth and soft skin without drying out or hurting the skin.

It Is Non-Toxic And Vegan

It doesn't hurt although there's acid involved. It's gentle and non-toxic for the skin. It comes from either a synthetic source or sugar cane making this a great vegan alternative to seeds, shells and microbeads.

Suggested Use

It's good to accompany a glycolic acid exfoliant with a moisturizing cleanser like our Botanical Facial Cleanser followed by a moisturizing serum like our Anti Wrinkle Serum.


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