Why Skin Needs Change With Each Season

Ever wondered why the skincare products you were using during the hot season just didn't quite work the same during a different season? Weather plays a part in our skin health and switching up your skincare products will help keep skin healthy and moisturized.

How Much Moisture Is Present In The Air

Our skin is sensitive to the dryness or humidity in the air. Too dry and your skin will flake and crack. Too humid and your skin becomes oily and flaky.

Great products to use in dry weather are products that protect the skin barrier, boost collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are natural moisturizing features of the skin. Protecting the skin's barrier helps heal it externally.

Check out our Matte Moisturize Serum with hyaluronic acid, Botanical Facial Cleanser with argan oil to protect the skin's barrier and Anti Wrinkle Serum that boosts collagen with apple stem cell and peptides.

In humid weather, use mattifying products that moisturize without any heavy oils. Your skin still needs to be moisturized even though it's humid as the skin loses water through transepidermal water loss.

It losses less water than it would in dry weather so light moisturizing is enough, nothing heavy.

Boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid is ideal. A cleanser that controls sebum production would be useful too. Check out Matte Glow Serum that boosts collagen with vitamin C and Anti Acne Cleanser that controls sebum production with light Neroli oil.

Be Ready For Cracks & Peels

Experiencing a drastic change in weather condition can really stress out the skin. This would be the case when you travel from a very hot and humid place to a cold and dry place or vice versa.

Be ready to have some cracking and peeling. It's the skin's way of adjusting to the weather.

Use a gentle acid based exfoliating cleanser to soften and remove the dead skin and a vitamin E based serum to repair skin. Check out our Scrub-Free Exfoliant containing glycolic acid to gently and effectively exfoliate without abrasion and our Matte Glow Serum containing vitamin E.



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