Why The Concentration Of An Active Ingredient Matters

Effective skincare is what you want to use

Getting the best results from skincare is not just about using it correctly. Having the optimal concentration of the specific active ingredient is the best way to gauge the product's efficacy. If there's too little of an active ingredient, the concentration is too weak and you will not be getting any results, the skincare will not be effective. Apart from that, look at the ingredients list to see whether there are other products in the mix that will hinder the effect of the active ingredient. For example, we create serums that bring out the maximum efficacy of each active ingredient. We only have one active ingredient in each serum to give you the most focused results you'll ever see. We only put in the ingredient that matters to bring out the results, nothing else to dilute it. We use the optimal concentration and don't have other ingredients that will affect the active ingredient's ability to work effectively to improve your skin.

Buy what's transparent and honest

Our products state the percentage of the active ingredient used, and we keep our formulations very simple in order not to disrupt or dilute the efficacy of the active ingredient with other unnecessary ingredients. We do this to give you what truly matters. To satisfy your serum obsession, discover our full range of serums for every need, every day here


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