Why We're Known For Eliminating Moisturizers

Written by Sarah-Eden Chan, Founder & CEO of 24 Saturn


I'm writing this to explain why 24 Saturn doesn't believe in facial moisturizers and how we help you eliminate them. Since I started 24 Saturn, my facial regime has been moisturizer free and my skin has never looked better! We achieve this by creating products that boost skin's natural ability to hydrate itself and using a moisturizer with our products serves no purpose.

Facial Moisturizers By Default Stop Transepidermal Water Loss

Creams and gels are sold by beauty brands to be applied to your face as a solution that will give you a moisturized supple look. The higher the price, the more "special" ingredients are included. They range from patented extractions to gold flakes or exotic unconventional stuff like snail slime.

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Moisturizers form a blanket on your face to reduce the rate at which your skin loses water to the environment, the process of which is called Transepidermal Water Loss.

Why Moisturizers Aren't My Thing

Personally, I don't like the effect of moisturizers on my skin. It causes it to look greasy, feel sticky and oily. In fact, I feel that it makes my oily skin worse, causes break outs and for the dry areas, it still becomes flaky.

Are Nutrients In Moisturizers Absorbed Into Skin?

Moisturizer bases are pretty thick, even the gel ones and oil free ones. If special nutritious ingredients are added in the moisturizer, the base stops these from penetrating the skin properly or entirely.

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I quickly came to the realization that if nutrients are not penetrating the skin and just staying on the surface, I'm essentially applying a blanket on my face to stop it from losing water but it does nothing to feed my skin.

My Quest And Moisturizer Free Regime Since 2015

Frustrated with spending money trying to battle my break outs and combination skin that was either too oily in some areas and too dry in others, I tried skincare made by my chemist friend. For the past decade she's been a specialist at creating anti-aging skincare for doctors and still does so today in her laboratory with her team. Read our story

Through the creation of 24 Saturn, I learned this:

What makes our skin youthful is its natural ability to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid and fatty acids. This ability is lost with age and we need to feed it the necessary nutrients to keep boosting this so it regains its natural ability to hydrate itself and to look youthful and supple. Feeding your skin protein from amino acids (Peptides), antioxidants and exfoliating once a week is a great way to renew and rebuild skin.

How Are We Doing This? Aren't Moisturizers A Staple? What's The Catch?

Moisturizers aren't needed in our regime because our Facial Detox boosts skin's natural ability to hydrate itself. The benefits are a simplified skincare regime, a more youthful complexion, no sticky greasy moisturizers and no flaky skin.

Moisturizers may be a staple for any skincare regime, but not ours. Our products are nourishing and don't need a blanket over the skin to keep it hydrated.

We create quality age reversing skincare with premium nutrients. Our range is all you need to take years off your face. Our products penetrate skin easily to deliver the nutrients effectively to repair cells, boost collagen and hydration. They contain pure antioxidants in optimal concentrations to neutralize cell damaging free radicals that cause premature aging.

There's no catch. We're transparent in explaining the ingredients we use and the science behind our products.

Like I always say, we create youth in every drop. Live our purpose and enjoy our work with every drop you apply.


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