The Making Of Our New Range

In late 2019, we started getting ready to develop and conceptualize our new range of serums. The new concept took several turns after COVID-19 hit and everyone started living "the new normal". A notebook full of ideas and many months of observations on new user lifestyles, we narrowed down our range to what would really be relevant to our new scaled down, homebound lives.

LATE 2019

Users enjoyed the range of serums we were selling, they were five, single ingredient serums, highly concentrated and designed to be mixed and flexible to match the user's skin's changing needs. We wondered - Should we continue to ride on the success of this concept or do we innovate? The other consideration was whether we should even launch anything new at all and just carry on with the range. People were intrigued that serums could be so relatable and easy to use. Skincare flexibility was a hit concept and our special formulations delivered results quickly as they were backed by science.

As we entered early 2020, we decided - We'd keep the most successful product in that range and redevelop a new range that will continue to deliver the results and flexibility that we're known for.


Our lives changed when the pandemic surged all across the world. We already had serums in mind that we wanted to add to the new range but they now seemed irrelevant to our new lifestyle - homebound and on a budget. It was back to the drawing board. This time around, we had to spend a few months observing user lifestyles and wants.

We observed that no one was even sure how to adjust to "the new normal". How long was it going to last? What new habits do we now have to develop? It was uncomfortable and confusing. We took note that this was something we had to design our new range around. We had to make decisions easy, no confusion and no fuss and definitely something that assures the user and is comforting.

This was something we've never observed before and we were determined to create products that not only delight the users but also be relevant to them on a daily basis.

One thing's for sure...our eye serum won the Beauty Insider Award 2020, we had to continue with this superstar in our new range!


Months and months of pivoting, crushed paper, late night ideas, pages and pages of ideas and hours of discussions and disagreements - It was the most difficult range to conceptualize. Living in "the new normal", we had to observe and be patient. Every new observation brought us back to the drawing board to either tweak existing ideas or erase entire concepts.

We wanted to get it right, we wanted to do something innovative during this changing time and most of all, we wanted to continue to deliver the results and delight that we've become known for.

The product packaging, the bundles, the users we were creating for, the message, the formulations - It was all new for us. Even though we had been developing skincare for 24 Saturn since 2015, this was such an interesting time for us.

Data, lifestyles, new spending habits, new expectations, new ingredient combinations, new purpose and use of serums - No stone was left unturned, everything had to be considered.

We didn't do things in the same order as we had done before, we kind of just went with the flow and did what we had to do when we had to do it. We were nimble and did not set boundaries as we're an innovative indie skincare brand and so, we color outside the lines.

Our formulation team in the lab was excited about the new concept and range for "the new normal". The new concept was presented and fine tuned, we chose the ingredients which were very important to be backed by science, we highlighted the benefits we were formulating for and stuck to our core values and principles - Skincare For Humanity, Innovate And Revolutionize, Good Skin Is Easy. [Discover our core values here]


After hours of discussions with the formulation team, after several rounds of samples, we were ready to share our products with the world. After several weeks of package design and thinking of the best message to communicate the purpose of the new range to the world - All we had to do was launch.

We decided to launch in December 2020. You will still get the best solution to youthful eyes with our award winning Goddess Eye Serum in a new look and in two sizes! And the new creation of multitasking serums for men and women delighted the early users of the range with the nine benefits in one serum concept. It's budget friendly, no fuss, perfect for homebound living which means makeup-free skin for the ladies and our serum for men designed to shrink pores to give you better skin on camera at every video meeting.

The other exciting product we developed is the Moisturising Hand Sanitiser which is a 2-in-1 hand sanitizer that will moisturize and soften your hands with superfood Prickly Pear. We managed to add a superfood into this hand sanitizer which was exciting for us during the conceptualization stage of this product. Guaranteed to kill viruses and bacteria with 70% alcohol and scented with a very delicious green tea-lemongrass scent.

Every product matters to us and delighting each user is what we take very seriously. Our core values continue to guide us as our design policies and making purposeful skincare that delivers consistent results is what we continue to be known for as an innovative indie skincare brand in Singapore.



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