Personalized Skincare Regime In 5 Minutes

Think you'll have to fill in a quiz or a form? No.

"In July, we will be launching our much anticipated concept. You'll be able to find a personalized skincare regime in 5 minutes without having to fill in a quiz or form. After running 24 Saturn since 2015, I have observed that our skin is unique and its needs change frequently. What we need are small doses of concentrated active ingredients, ideally botanical and non-toxic. Once your skin gets the desired effect, you can decide to discontinue or try a different regime to do other enhancements. All we want is beautiful skin! Rigid skincare regimes are so yesterday, we should be able to personalize according to our unique skin needs and have a flexible regime to solve multiple problems without having separate rigid regimes that only solve one problem at a time. Who has time to go through 10 skincare products a day? I want to help you personalize your own skincare regime in 5 minutes so it's easy and you enjoy doing it frequently. It shouldn't feel like rocket science." - Sarah-Eden Chan, Founder & CEO of 24 Saturn



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