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Nutrients natural for skin. No artificial fragrance, harsh chemicals, sulphates or dyes. Soap-free.

"...Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting to see much effects. I have pretty much given up hope on my skin. After one week of religious "seruming", this was the results. My skin has grown a lot less blotchy and orange-like."

Chaayen, Beauty blogger For Funk.

...In the morning, the skin is soft, velvety and rested. I tested this product for a month. Accompanied by the gel with pure hyaluronic acid, it's a success that goes beyond skincare creams! Thank you I'm a mature French woman. This product is awesome!


...I have tried everything to keep my shine at bay while having my face moisturised as well, nothing worked, until I was introduced to these amazing serums.

Jia Yi

I like it that my skin absorbs everything. Not oily, not sticky and the marks on my face are less obvious now! Lightened.


After using this for 2 weeks, I can see that my skin is brighter and my eye bags have reduced.



Anti Acne Cleanser sebum control + Matte Moisturize Serum oil-free 24 hour matte hydration


Botanical Facial Cleanser moisturize + Box Set intense hydration


Botanical Facial Cleanser balance skin tone + Matte Glow Serum brighten


Botanical Facial Cleanser balance skin tone + Cordyceps Whitening Serum whitening

Fine Lines

Scrub-Free Exfoliant smooth fine lines + Anti Wrinkle Serum skin firming cell renewal


Anti Acne Cleanser sebum control + Anti Acne Serum antibacterial + Acne Scar Eraser lighten blemishes

Eye Gel

Retinol smooth wrinkles + peptides reduce eye bags and dark circles

High Purity Serums


Once Clueless About E-Commerce, S'porean Now Runs Her Own Online Shop In A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Vulcan Post

"The problem that customers face today is maintaining a skincare regime that requires countless steps and different products, she shares."

The Business Times, Singapore

"She believes that 24 Saturn fills a gap in the market with its unconventional, no moisturiser regime that simplifies the process."

The Business Times, Singapore

"Local Beauty Brands That Need To Get Under Your Radar"

NYLON Magazine, Singapore

Why No Moisturizer

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24 Saturn Apothecary

"I started this so people can access these amazing natural tonics to cope with modern living." - Sarah-Eden

Sleep Like A Baby

Natural Herbal Tonics

No chemicals, no artificial ingredients, alcohol-free, sugar-free, Halal. 

Shop premium herbal tonics and specialty clinical skincare.

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