full absorption. not sticky. optimal concentration of active ingredients. high purity. 100% healthy.



Our healthy serums are created only with what’s necessary for your skin health, cutting down the number of chemicals and unnecessary ingredients your body absorbs through the skin

Be empowered to only use what matters to your skin.

Brand Story

Once Clueless About E-Commerce, S'porean Now Runs Her Own Online Shop In A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Vulcan Post

"The problem that customers face today is maintaining a skincare regime that requires countless steps and different products, she shares."

The Business Times, Singapore

"She believes that 24 Saturn fills a gap in the market with its unconventional, no moisturiser regime that simplifies the process."

The Business Times, Singapore

"Local Beauty Brands That Need To Get Under Your Radar"

NYLON Magazine, Singapore


"In fact, Chan hasn't touched an iota of moisturiser in nearly three years now but her skin's clarity and glow could rival a Korean actress (yes, we saw her face up-close in person and will swear to this under oath)." - BURO, Singapore


@julovessashimi unboxing 24 Saturn

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