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Serums That Replace Moisturizers

Collagen + Antioxidants + Plant Extracts

only the latest in skincare innovation designed & made in Singapore by renowned chemists & doctors



Eye Treatments

100% Natural Whitening. No Chemicals.

Experience natural skin whitening with Cordyceps harvested in Singapore. All testers reported visible fading of blemishes and freckles in 1 week. Contains marine collagen to improve skin texture.


Acne Heroes

Fast acting acne treatments that're gentle on skin. All natural ingredients, no chemicals.


"...Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting to see much effects. I have pretty much given up hope on my skin. After one week of religious "seruming", this was the results. My skin has grown a lot less blotchy and orange-like."

Chaayen, Beauty blogger For Funk.

...In the morning, the skin is soft, velvety and rested. I tested this product for a month. Accompanied by the gel with pure hyaluronic acid, it's a success that goes beyond skincare creams! Thank you I'm a mature French woman. This product is awesome!


...I have tried everything to keep my shine at bay while having my face moisturised as well, nothing worked, until I was introduced to these amazing serums.

Jia Yi

I like it that my skin absorbs everything. Not oily, not sticky and the marks on my face are less obvious now! Lightened.


It really works! I could tell the next day my eyes look moisturized.


Once Clueless About E-Commerce, S'porean Now Runs Her Own Online Shop In A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Vulcan Post

"The problem that customers face today is maintaining a skincare regime that requires countless steps and different products, she shares."

The Business Times, Singapore

"She believes that 24 Saturn fills a gap in the market with its unconventional, no moisturiser regime that simplifies the process."

The Business Times, Singapore

"Local Beauty Brands That Need To Get Under Your Radar"

NYLON Magazine, Singapore


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