Our story starts off with Sarah-Eden Chan, our Founder & CEO, not finding an off the counter solution with the combined effect of mattifying and moisturizing skin. No moisturizer worked, no toner worked. She found the solution in prescriptive skincare made by her chemist friend in her laboratory in Singapore. Sarah-Eden wanted to share this secret with the world to make it possible for everyone to have good skin reliably with a fuss-free regime.

Since 2015, we invest in using skincare tech to revolutionize skincare by making skincare reliable and fuss-free and we do this with our first of its kind, no-moisturizer skincare regime that keeps skin moisturized and matte all day.

You can always look forward to revolutionary skincare products with us as we have a passion to use skincare tech to make skincare more reliable and uncomplicated using natural and non-toxic ingredients. We're currently makers of the best serums in the world. So good that you don't need a moisturizer or toner.


Our personal touch unlike big brands, is about getting close to product design and formulation and getting close to our customers. Having good skin now becomes easier than ever!

Our values influence our decisions and what we create:

Good Skin Is Easy products that make having good skin effortless.
Skincare For Humanity products that benefit millions.
Innovate And Revolutionize question the status quo, create better products.

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