Bringing dermatologists' preparations to the mass market.

Sarah-Eden started 24 Saturn in 2015 to bring to the mass market, high grade, high purity natural skincare made for doctors in her chemist friend's laboratory. She was blown away by how fast these products worked and the lasting effects they had on her skin. These high grade formulations are made to improve skin health by effectively delivering skin nutrients into the skin. They were only available at the doctors' office and Sarah decided to make them accessible to the world.

Our purpose and philosophy.

To revolutionize skincare by simplifying it from countless steps and putting the main focus on serums and not moisturizers. Serums are the best way to deliver high purity nutrients directly into skin to boost skin health and correct skin problems, something moisturizers can never do.

The kind of rare and precious ingredients we use are not usually available as mass produced skincare. It isn't easy to get your hands on such ingredients and we make it possible because we believe that good skincare should be accessible to all.

These core values guide our creations:

Good Skin Is Easy everything we do is about helping people have good skin easily.
Skincare For Humanity we create products that benefit millions.
Innovate And Revolutionize we question the status quo and innovate.

 "Good Skin Is Easy" We create products that simplify the traditional skincare regime to just two steps with fast and lasting results. Our flexible skincare is based on our philosophy that we should listen to our skin and not follow a set regime.

Realizing our vision "Skincare For Humanity", making accessible to the world our high efficiency natural skincare from our laboratory in Singapore, made by one of Singapore's top skincare chemists. Products for all skin types, solving common skin problems.

"Innovate And Revolutionize" making skincare in small sizes but with high efficiency to solve skin problems quicker.

In 2018, we expanded to include an online apothecary with healthy self care products.

24 Saturn was created by Sarah-Eden Chan in 2015 together with pharmaceutical veterans experienced in skincare science, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. We are self funded and support skincare research in Singapore, working with our partner laboratory to conduct research and explore the latest discoveries in skin health promoted globally. Read about our early journey Vulcan Post interview



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